Alaska Field Course

Join us in June and July 2003 for a two-and-a-half week intensive course focusing on the natural, cultural and political history of Alaska.

Study and learn from a great diversity of local professors and resource managers as we take to the field and experience Alaska at its best.

Read “Alaska field course gets rave reviews”, an article from UC Santa Cruz’s Currents newspaper, by Jennifer McNulty.

The summer of 2004 will be the Alaska Field Course’s ninth year.

Throughout these past seven years, student interest in the program has increased exponentially and competition for the limited number of course places has been fairly intense. We intentionally keep the number of participants to a maximum of fourteen.notetaking

We are excited about providing this exceptional opportunity to students who are interested in having a first hand learning adventure in Alaska’s subarctic. Our program is unique; no other organization offers a field course in Alaska quite like this!

We look forward to sharing a portion of our Alaskan summer with you as part of an inquisitive, active group of students interested in Alaska and the subarctic. It will be the experience of a lifetime!

Program Objectives

During our two week field experience, students will consider the complexities of the subarctic ecosystem while focusing on biological diversity, ecology, physical geology and ethnology.

The programstudents has three basic objectives:

1. To provide an opportunity to study the biological diversity in a variety of Alaskan environments.

2. To provide first hand field experiences in the biological and physical sciences through working directly with local researchers & resource managers.

3. To introduce the rich ethnology of Alaska. Throughout all aspects of the course it is our hope to instill a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the natural and cultural resources of Alaska and the subarctic.

Please note that this course has been designed as an academic endeavor. It has not been designed to focus on outdoor skills, hiking or as an adventure vacation. In the course of our study we will be doing a considerable amount of hiking and there will be a bit of free time to venture out on your own. However our focus will be on learning in both classroom and outdoor settings.

Offered in cooperation with the University of Alaska and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Students can register for up to three hours of course credit through either university.